Integrative Yoga and Mindfulness School 

where the science of Yoga meets Indigenous healing practices.


Certification YTT 200 Hrs.

Yoga Terapeutica and PHH is honored to partner to bring a virtual based school for yoga and mindfulness. Our international trainings highlight ancient philosophies, history, science, body mechanics, and ethics. While strengthening leadership and education in BIPOC communities providing a virtual learning platform open to all students worldwide. We also offer individual modules for mental health or healthcare professional to expand their knowledge and practice in holistic and alternative therapies.

This professional training is for individuals looking to pursue a therapeutic or clinical profession as a yoga and mindfulness teacher. Our training is comprised of 5 educational modules with elective modules for individuals in need of continuing education credits and mentorship for students.

Graduates will be empowered by knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the yoga tradition while integrating  alternative -  natural ways of interconnection. Identify the anatomy of main asanas, their risks and benefits while building a safe asana series for general populations. Classes will include integrative Peruvian and Mesoamerica Shamanic and Ancient Medicine healing techniques, and how to build a professional yoga practice in a competitive world. With the opportunity to flourish in a community with continued support as an Integrative Yoga and Mindfulness School alumni.

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Program Details and Highlights

  • Yoga Alliance YTT 200hr and YCEP approved curriculum ​

  • 80% BIPOC faculty with Scholarship opportunities for BIPOC students 

  • 6 month training with professional mentorship available ​

  • Virtual learning with minimal  to no in-person training required 

  • Integrative Peruvian shamanic energy healing techniques​

  • Social justice and trauma Informed modules ​

  • Training designed for professional advancement and clinical settings

  • Elective modules available for continuing education credits ​

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Certified Yoga School since 2016